Grow your business by learning from top producers exactly what it takes to win.
Get ahead with business building strategies from top producing agents and brokers.
Inman Pro gives you the latest strategies to stand out from the crowd and grow your business
The Benefits of Inman Pro Training

Learn exactly how to build your business for success
from top producing agents and leading experts, including:

How to Get
Make the Most of
Online Leads
Get Press for
Your Listings
How to Retain
How to Understand
the Market
Best Practices in
Digital Marketing
How to Brand
Meet the Inman Pro Faculty
Dolly Lenz
Mauricio Umansky
Ben Kinney
Madison Hildebrand
Sherry Chris
Sue Adler
Jeff Turner
Chris Smith
Katie Lance
“Inman is known in the industry to be on the cutting edge. Getting your Inman credential shows that you’re on the cutting edge, too.”
Sherry Chris
CEO better homes & gardens real estate
Frequently Asked Questions
How many courses do I take to become certified?
You must complete 10 courses in order to earn your Inman Pro credential.
Do I have to take certain courses in order to earn my credential?
No, you can decide what courses interest you most. The importance of your credential is your commitment to always be learning.
Once I’ve started the program, do I have to complete it within a certain amount of time?
Remember it’s “your classes, your way”. You can complete the courses in one weekend or take the full 12 months if you prefer.
Once I have my credential what can I do with it?
Add your credential mark to your email address, business card, and marketing material. Also, be sure to inform your clients on why it’s important that you have it.
The Inman Credential
The Inman Credential is available only to Inman Pro members.
It’s the sign you’re a member of the exclusive club of leaders of real estate.
Use the credential to:
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Validate your experience on your website and marketing material.
  • Showcase your expertise in listings presentations.
  • Build credibility with peers and clients.